Unity Is Strength Unity is Strength The Progressives bring together rank and file trade union activists in the Public Service Association of NSW and the CPSU (SPSF NSW Branch). We work for:
  • greater job security
  • improved and more equitable pay
  • sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment
  • a democratic and strong union
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    Who are the Progressives?

    Judith Greenwood
    for General Secretary
    John Moratelli
    for President
    Matte Rochford
    for Assistant General Secretary
    Renee Kinimaka
    for Senior Vice President
    Raquel Cortez
    for Vice President
    Boyd Kellner
    for Vice President
    Former PSA Vice President Paul Petersen says members should think about building a better member based alternative to progress the union's aims. He says greater effort is needed to:
    1) involve members and delegates in contributing ideas for our claims
    2) have our claims authorised by members
    3) improve the integrity of negotiations by including honorary officials (from all factions)
    4) provide updates and receive feedback by running delegate and member meetings
    5) actually campaign for improvements instead of relying on the employer and Industrial Relations Commission to deliver fair outcomes.
    "I believe we CAN build a united and stronger union IF we involve members from the beginning."

    Click here to learn about our full PSA Executive and Central Council team

    You can help keep our union strong by:
    telling your friends about the Progressives
    getting them to join the free PSA BetterDeal email list psabetterdeal-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
    inviting us to speak to your workplace
    distributing our material by hand or email in your workplace
    attending one of our fundraisers,
    attending one of our meetings to find out more about what is happening in YOUR union.
    joining our Central Council ticket for the 2016 elections or
    voting Progressive in the 2016 PSA elections

    YOU can make a difference.

    If you want to join the PPSA effort to keep our union strong contact us or to find out more: here.

    Contact us
    Please contact us to find out how you can help make our union strong again. Email us at: ppsa@progressivepsa.org and we will give you a call.

    2016 is a PSA and CPSU/SPSF election year.
    It brings supporters of union reform another chance to change the PSA leadership. Voting papers will be posted to members on 12 September.
    If you'd like a Progressive PSA supporter to attend a meeting in your workplace or you would like to support our campaign - please email us at ppsa@progressivepsa.org

    We work for

    • greater job security
    • improved and more equitable pay
    • sustainable jobs as part of a sustainable environment
    • a democratic and strong union as part of the broader labour movement

    Real delegates, real experience
    Our Executive candidates are real public sector workers with extensive experience in industrial negotiation and workplace organisation. On the other hand - only one of the the 'Rank and File Team' candidates for the top three paid positions works substantively as a NSW public servants. One works for the Police Association and the other for the Federal Office of the SPSF.

    Progressive PSA candidates are drawn from different agencies across the state - regional and metropolitan.

    The Progressives neither seek nor receive money from political parties. We are not captive to ALP or other factions. Nor do we sacrifice members' interests to the political/parliamentary ambitions of union officials. Did you know that before the change of leadership in 2012 the Rank and File led leadership gave several thousand dollars of members funds to political candidates in direct breach of PSA rules?

    We do not use your union's resources like staff and Red Tape to promote our candidates. We rely entirely on the support of ordinary PSA/CPSU members like you.

    We support comprehensive claims for pay and conditions backed by meetings or ballots of members. We do not support secret and fait-accompli deals with the employer. We do not support trading conditions for pay as has happened in 2008 under Rank and File.

    We do not seek nor receive financial or other support for the elections from other unions. Can the Rank and File faction say that? We don't support the use of union resources to interfere in the running of other unions nor their interference in the running of YOUR union. The current two leading candidates for General Secretary and Assistant Secretary from the Rank and File team are professional union industrial staff. The PSA should participate in the broader labour movement only on the basis of independence and mutual respect - not what many members say could be an undisclosed take over bid.

    Progressive PSA delegates provide information and support to other delegates regardless of their political affiliation. unlike our opponents in this election the Progressives called upon supporters of other factions to contribute as delegates to Central Council. We are not afraid of respectful debate. We will work to end sectarian treatment of delegates. You are not alone - united we bargain! We are dedicated to getting our union working again.

    No more secret rule changes
    When the Rank and File officials were caught breaching the union's rules in 2008 on endorsement and funding of political candidates they simply changed the rules... but they didn't consult members. It is essential that the interests of our members are not subordinated to the interests of the party in government (our employer). They even changed the way union elections are run so as to eliminate the diversity of views on the governing body of the union - effectively a winner-takes-all. But the union isn't a prize to be won by a single faction. It belongs to us all. It is unity not division that will make us strong.

    To find out more about the Progressives read the PPSA constitution.

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