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Below is the Progressive PSA 2016 PSA election information.

In 2012 the Progressives won the General Secretary position but soon after having won our candidate left the group to form a separate caucus with the incumbent Assistant Secretary. Some of our 2012 platform has been achieved but there is still much to be done to improve good governance, accountability and democracy in our union as the foundation for winning better wages and conditions outcomes.
The "Old Guard" (Rank & File and Members First) currently hold the majority on the PSA Executive. In spite of this and other obstacles the Progressives have reversed an undemocratic winner-take-all voting system introduced in 2008 by the Rank & File group in league with Members First. PSA elections have been returned to proportional representation for 2016 in accordance with the PPSA platform.
This will probably mean a struggle to maintain the reform agenda intact within the union. Proponents of reform need your continued financial help. The Progressives have no other sources of funds for the necessary election 'how to vote' mail out in 2016.

Meet our candidates
Who are the Progressives?

Judith Greenwood
for General Secretary
John Moratelli
for President
Matte Rochford
for Assistant General Secretary
Renee Kinimaka
for Senior Vice President
Raquel Cortez
for Vice President
Boyd Kellner
for Vice President
Former PSA Vice President Paul Petersen says members should think about building a better member based alternative to progress the union's aims. He says greater effort is needed to:
1) involve members and delegates in contributing ideas for our claims
2) have our claims authorised by members
3) improve the integrity of negotiations by including honorary officials (from all factions)
4) provide updates and receive feedback by running delegate and member meetings
5) actually campaign for improvements instead of relying on the employer and Industrial Relations Commission to deliver fair outcomes.
"I believe we CAN build a united and stronger union IF we involve members from the beginning."

Click here to learn about our PSA Executive and Central Council team

It is essential for a successful campaign that the Progressives team posts a 'how to vote' to every member at election time. Emails and the internet simply do not reach everyone. It will cost $30-40,000 to run a successful election campaign in 2016. Unlike others we don't use the union's resources to promote ourselves. It costs a lot to print 'how-to-vote' brochures and mail them to every member. If you want your union to be strong again then please contribute to our election fund.

We don’t receive slush money from political parties. We rely entirely on members and supporters like you. Take a stand for a stronger union!

The best way to help us is to make a regular pay deduction rather than waiting till the 2016 election to make a lump sum donation.

Print this page for instructions

1. Payroll deduction
This is the best way as it is free of charge. Tell your payroll staff that you wish to have a deduction made to:
Account name: PPSA,
BSB: 802 396
account number: 1051780
with: Catalyst Credit Union

TIP Tell us when you donate
Consider an odd amount like $20.12 so we can identify your deduction and confirm that we are receiving it. Don't forget to tell us that you have started the payroll deduction & the amount. Email us at ppsa [at]

2. Automatic deduction from your bank or credit union
Obtain an automatic deduction form from your bank and use the details above. Beware – you will usually be charged a fee. Payroll deduction is usually cheaper.

3. Lump Sum – Internet Banking
Use the details above. It is also possible to make one-off or irregular donations to this account number via internet banking.

4. Lump Sum – Cheque
Simply write your cheque out to “PPSA” and mail it to Progressive PSA P.O. Box 202 Broadway NSW 2007

5. Your Will
Seriously. You can’t take it with you but you can make a difference. You can allocate a fixed amount or a small percentage. Contact us if you would like a model clause for your will.

Email us at ppsa [at] or register your interest with one of our Contacts if you can help in one of the following ways:

Come to our monthly meeting. Contact us for the date and location of the next meeting ppsa [at]

Attend one of our fundraising events. Feel free to bring friends and family. Most of our events are child friendly.

Get some Progressives to attend a meeting of members at your workplace or your next Departmental Committee meeting of delegates.

Organise a fundraiser for us – a theatre or film night, a harbour cruise, a BBQ or picnic, a collection from your workplace.

Let us know if you would like to run on the Progressive PSA election ticket in 2012. We want candidates from as many agencies as possible.

Sell some ‘guessing competitionraffle tickets in your workplace when we hold our next raffle. They are really easy to sell and it lets people know that there IS a challenge team in the PSA.

Can you contribute another talent? Would you like to write about what is happening in your agency? Are you an illustrator or designer, a comedian or musician? Its your union and we’d like to make use of the many and varied talents of our members.

ppsa [at]

Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public Service Association of New South Wales and the CPSU (SPSF Branch).

We work for

  • improved and more equitable pay
  • greater job security
  • sustainable jobs in a sustainable environment
  • a democratic and strong union
The Progressives support delegates and work with them for a reformed and stronger union as part of the broader labour movement. While the previous leadership was asleep at the wheel we were analysing trends in the public sector and proposing strategies to protect the interests of our members and other workers. We need your financial support to do our work.

The previous leadership faction had repeatedly rejected key proposals to democratise and strengthen our union. They didn't reform themselves. It is only with the active help of union members that in 2012 there was an historic win by the Progressives. To maintain the momentum for change the Progressive's will mount a serious campaign in 2016 to ensure the union is maintained under delegate control. Contact us at: donation_inquiry [at

Contact us at: donation_inquiry [at]