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ACTU Job Security Campaign
"Secure Jobs. Better Future is a national campaign to improve the rights and working lives of the 40% of the Australian workforce employed in insecure work.
The past few decades have witnessed a dramatic and disturbing growth of insecure jobs in Australia. More and more workers in Australia have jobs that have irregular and unpredictable working hours and pay, inferior rights and entitlements (including limited or no access to paid leave), and no job security."

Tell your story. Make a submission by 20 December 2011 Secure Jobs Better Future.

Read about the ACTU Campaign for job security.

Salary sacrifice for casuals
April 06 - From 1 April 06 Casuals are allowed to salary sacrifice for superannuation subject to Departmental/agency convenience. Premier's Circular 2006-08 says that while existing policy requires salary packaging to be implemented on a 'cost neutral' basis to the employer it is envisaged that most agencies implementing salary sacrifice to superannuation in-house would be able to do so on a fee free basis for employees. For more superannuation news visit our Your Super page.

How many casuals?
Based on 2002/2003 figures there were 19,888 full time equivalent casual, seasonal, sessional and retained staff out of 283,689 full time equivalent public sector employees. The 'Full time equivalent employees' category is used to prevent double counting of positions where a casual moves from one job to another in the NSW public sector.

Smart casual? Join the union!
The union is working for casuals but we will be stronger and more effective when more casuals join the union. 

Our union needs input from casual workers. The PSA needs to develop a strategy for casual workers in addition to campaigning for a limit of the level of casual employment to "genuine casuals". We need to ensure that casuals receive an appropriate loading in lieu of non-wage employment entitlements. 

We need to re-regulate casual employment with appropriate legislative and Award provisions building on the parental leave and maternity leave gains. We need to campaign for the right of long term casuals to convert to more secure forms of employment following the lead of the Metals unions in 2001. The PSA also needs to consider whether our fee structure is tiered to attract people in precarious employment.

Casual work and mental health
Sydney Morning Herald
November 06, 2003
The growth of the casual workforce appears to be spawning a rise in mental health problems writes Michael Bradley of the Sydney Morning Herald.

More than half of new jobs now casual
Research compiled by the federal parliamentary library shows that almost 60 per cent of casual employees do not know how much they will earn in a week and more than one in three would prefer to work longer hours. "This analysis lends weight to the argument that casual employment is not a preferred option for many workers, but rather an alternative to unemployment when no ongoing jobs are available."

Is work becoming less secure?
Academic Kevin Doogan, sets the record straight on casualisation and warns unionists about the dangers of scoring an 'own goal'. Story from Workers Online.

Work & Family Test Case
“Parents of pre-school children who want to work part time should not have to give up good full time jobs for insecure casual work,” said ACTU President Sharan Burrow as the ACTU lodged its Work and Family test case with the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The ACTU is seeking the following changes to federal industrial awards:
o the right to part-time work for full-time employees returning from parental leave;
o ‘buying’ six weeks extra leave through salary adjustments;
o the right to request more flexible hours;
o the right to emergency family leave; and
o extending unpaid parental leave from 12 months to 24 months.

Unfair Dismissal Laws
In a major blow to the Howard government's assault on the industrial relations system, the Federal Court has invalidated regulations under the Workplace Relations Act (WR Act) saying that there is no evidence that unfair dismissal laws inhibit employment.

Super Guarantee wins for Casuals
A full bench of the Federal Court has overturned a court decision that allowed employers to wriggle out of paying casuals their Superannuation Guarantee entitlements.

PSA seeks more info on casual numbers
Excessive numbers of NSW public sector staff are unable to secure permanent work as the employers keep casualising the workforce. After the PSA lost its Administrative Decisions Tribunal case to get access to agency level data from the Workforce Profile Survey. However, in response to our statementthat we would appeal the decision the Public Employment Offie has provided agency level data to the PSA. We believe the data shows the employer has not abided by its policy of reversing the casualisation of the workforce. 

Casual and insecure
There are about 2.5 million "casual" workers in Australia or 27% of the workforce. At the beginning of the 1980's, casuals made up less than 13% of the workforce. Insecure forms of work are more likely to affect women and young workers. 

32% (1 in 3) of employed women are employed on a casual basis. 59% of 16-19 year olds and 26% of 20-24 year olds are casuals. Not only does this reduce their ability to get credit for things like home loans but also affects their ability to accrue adequate superannuaiton for retirement.

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The Progressive PSA brings together rank and file trade union activists in the Public Service Association of New South Wales and the CPSU (SPSF Branch). 

We work for

  • improved and more equitable pay 
  • greater job security
  • a democratic and strong union